Bringing Your Community Together – 3 Tips to Help You Stay Connected

By Joanne
December 15, 2020

Staying connected with other people is more important than ever since the world has been and continues to deal with the consequences of COVID-19. For businesses and organizations, your community (employees, customers, members, fans, etc.) is counting on you to keep them informed of news and events. They want to know business and activities are happening. People still want to talk to and connect with others. They want to feel a sense of collaboration and build relationships. 

We have 3 tips to help you keep the conversations going so you and your members can grow on that feeling of community.

  1. Be creative with content. Everyone is spending more time on line, scouring the net for things to read and keep them entertained and interested. What brings your customers to your community? Why did your members join? Take the time to expand on certain topics that might interest them. Contests and challenges were very popular at the beginning of the pandemic. Maybe a new challenge would help everyone re-engage. Experiment a little with style and content to see if some of those changes can encourage more action, then build on those discoveries to find the content your members are looking for.
  2. Listen. The key to a successful community and conversation is to listen. Truly hear what your members are saying. Answer their questions or concerns as quickly as possible. Find out what other interests they may have. Do they want to take classes, or get an opportunity to talk to others on a video call? Do they need to do something active, like a charity drive? Find out what they are looking for and then give it to them. You learn so much more about your members and how to engage them by simply listening.
  3. Make the best of your online time. There are many ways to reach out to members in your community. You can do it through social media posts, messaging, and emails. Those are just a few options to catch their attention as they flash through their email and newsfeeds. To make the best of your time, a platform that can draw others in and keep everything together is easier than dashing from one platform and format to another. It also enables you to track conversations and interests to meet your member’s needs quickly.

BizLigo happens to meet that need. It’s a collaborative network and event platform that can pull all of your members into one location. This is a benefit not only for you – but for your members as well. 

2020 has certainly been testing our resilience. But with collaboration and a little creativity, you’ll find your community is stronger because they’ve come together.

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