Find Success, Not Stress, In Your Events

By Joanne
May 11, 2017
Find Success, Not Stress, In Your Events

Life has too much stress already, having to plan an event shouldn’t add to the stress. The key to being a successful event organizer is to be… organized. As Melanie Woodward, Event Planning Expert, once wrote, “Planning an event can be pure chaos if you don’t have good tools to help keep track of the details”. Our mission with Bizligo is to take the headache out of event management by bringing all the information into one place. With  Bizligo, all those assorted spreadsheets and different applications for all your event information are a thing of the past. This is not your average networking and event management tool. Bizligo is built and designed for professionals which means none of the clutter you get on other sites.

Bizligo is a Professional Event Management system designed to centralize the functions of event management, allowing you to manage the entire event lifecycle in one seamless process, maintaining continuity throughout and across events. Registered members can host and sign up for events within a verified network of professionals. The best part is not everyone can just sign up. All members have to be verified by an administrator before becoming activated and able to participate. We think this feature is important for professionals because it ensures you are interacting with others like you with business in mind while avoiding the spam or soliciting type of profiles. Once a member you are able to RSVP to other member’s events, create new events, communicate with other member, and much more.

Organizing events is stress free and easy. As an Organizer, this tool can be used for a wide range of events. From simple networking to meet the other professionals on Bizligo or to a major event where members could bring guests. We also make it easy for an Organizer to control event details like reserving a display table, collecting an organizing guest lists, list exact venue details and organize volunteers/staff. Once your event is over, don’t forget to upload images to show off your successful event.

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